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Mass converting all your MSOffice files in your Google Drive

posted Apr 13, 2015, 4:39 AM by Stéphane Giron   [ updated Apr 13, 2015, 4:39 AM ]
For personal needs I have released a new script to convert all my Office files in Google native files format. I no longer use Office on my computer and keeping Office files in my Drive was more an inconvenient for me instead of a real need. That is why we we released Bye Bye Office for Google DriveTM script.

convert all office files in your google drive in one click

How It works

  1. Go to the application : Bye Bye Office app
  2. Validate the authorization
  3. Just click on "Launch Mass Conversion"

What the app does

  • The app will list all your files and convert each one by one.
  • Once converted files are moved to the original folder place, no needs to reorganize your drive after conversion.
  • After being converted the office file is moved to trash.
  • Program run continuously, so don't close the window. This will stop program.

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Why moving files to trash ?
We can easily restore files from trash to the right folder. By this way no fear to never be able to get back original files.
Files in trash will not be deleted until you empty the trash, so you can keep them in the trash. We are not in Gmail, files in trash in Drive are not removed permanently after 30 days.

What is the results after conversion ?
Yes conversion may  alter some of your files. 
Up to you to restore your more beautiful files after mass converting them. 

Will I save some space after conversion ?
As files are moved to trash this will not make you save space on your storage plan. If you want to save space you have to empty trash of the Office files => In this case it will never be possible to restore these files after. Take care !!!!