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ezPanel the Google Sheets Add-on to manage your Google Apps domain

posted May 4, 2015, 2:19 PM by Stéphane Giron   [ updated May 4, 2015, 2:41 PM ]
ezPanel for Google AppsTM is a Google Sheets Add-on made to help Google Apps Administrator to manage their domain.
ezPanel offer a direct access to several tools 
  • Create a user
  • Change user of an OU
  • Force password change at next login for a user
  • List users settings to know last login time, the alias he got, if 2-steps is - activated etc...
  • Provision users in bulk (license required)
  • Bulk move users to an OU (license required)
  • Add a user to a Google Groups
  • Provision users in bulk in a Google Groups (license required)
  • List setting of a Google Groups
  • List mobile devices of a users
  • Get settings o a Google site
  • Display information of your Google Apps domain
  • And more to come...
ezPanel offer you a direct access to useful reports  :
  • All users of the domain
  • All users for a sub organization
  • All groups in the domain
  • All users of a Google Groups
  • All sites of the domain
We are launching ezPanel with more than 15 features and stay tuned because more will come.

>> Get the Add-on : Install ezPanel