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Are you well connected to your Google Account ?

posted Jun 29, 2015, 8:18 AM by Stéphane Giron   [ updated Jun 29, 2015, 8:20 AM ]

When you buy a license we assigned it to your Google account, it means you can access from any computer never the less you are connected to your Google account. If after receiving email confirmation of license assignment you don't have access to the app it means you are not well connected.

Why I'm badly connected to my Google account ?

99% of the case are due to usage of the function in Gmail "Add account" (check support link)
function add google account in gmail
This function does not work really well because cookies are not well saved. In fact it works when you are in Gmail or Drive but when you open an app, like ours and other on the chrome web store, which need to connect to your google account. In the process of authentication chrome return the cookie of your Gmail session and not the cookie of the account from what you buy app, e.g. your Google Apps Account.

Quickly check it works

To quickly check you have access to the app you can open an incognito window, link. Shortcut : Ctrl + Maj + N (Windows, Linux et Chrome OS) ou sur ⌘ – Maj – N (Mac)
Connect to your account and follow the link of the web app.

Manage multiple account with Chrome

Best way to use multiple Google account on one computer is to use the Chrome session.
This will create different instance of Chrome for each of your profiles. By this way you will have the session for your Gmail account and the session for your Google Apps account. No issue with cookies etc... because everything is separated.

Create chrome profile : support link or copy paste this link in the address bar : chrome://settings/createProfile