Terms of service Folder Team notifications

User Privacy

While we do use methods to record usage analytics on Folder Team notifications for quality-improvement purposes, no personally identifiable data will be collected in our analytics usage. This means we track usage, success and failure of add-on in anonymous way.
While Folder Team notifications requests permission to access several element of your Google Apps domain or Google account, this is because the Apps Script development framework offers us no workable alternative of more limited scope. These access rights are required to allow actions performed by the end user, and in no case are contents transmitted to any 3rd party services outside of the user’s direct control or knowledge.
We store no personally identifiable information in any 3rd party database or file repository.
No personally data are collected except the user email address for paid user in order to grant full access to Folder Team notifications. This email address is not used for any others purpose.

Limitations of our Obligations, and Support

At this point in time we are committed to offering this tool at no cost to every user, however we assume no legal responsibility for its misuse by end users, nor do we make any guarantees of its quality or reliability.  Because we store no data outside of the end-user’s Google account, the potential failure of this tool generally poses no privacy risk, but we cannot offer a 100% guarantee of this.
While we make every effort to ensure its functionality, Folder Team notifications exists within a fast-moving product ecosystem in which things break and may need to be fixed from time to time.  
Please do not ask for us to consult beyond the time required to troubleshoot something that is not functioning as expected unless you are proposing to pay us for this time.

Pricing Plans

We do offer pricing plans to provide additional features and better support. The goal of those pricing plans is to make Folder Team notifications sustainable in the long run. Nevertheless, do note that Folder Team notifications is strongly linked to the infrastructure provided by Google. Changes by Google on this infrastructure might change the product and the features we can provide.