New report list users and nested users in a Google Groups, more info.
Multiple code improvements.

25 June 2015 - V18

Typo correction.
New menu to easily switch between screen from sidebar.
New menu for reports.
Enhancement of error message for better understanding.
Improvement of code.
New tool to manage profile of users in the Google Apps Domain.
New tool to duplicate the settings of a Google groups.
New tool to manage 3rd app connected to a Google Account.
New tool to check if user have a G+ profile and see last posts.
Design optimization of sidebar.
Move reports in the sidebar.
New option to generate report in the spreadsheet or in a new file.
Display information message to gmail users and not admin users.
Profile manager can be used by non admin to list users public information. Update only accessible for admin.

5 May 2015 - V4

Initial release of ezPanel.